F1 Live Stream: How to watch every 2020 Grand Prix from your Home

Numerous fans from across the world were disappointed when the F1 season was abruptly cut short due to the rampant covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the situation is looking a lot less bleak at the moment, at least in the sporting world. Sporting organizations from across the world have figured out a way to deal with the challenges, and now even though we’re not quite there yet, things are looking up and it seems everything’s on its way back to normal.

Formula 1 season, like many other sporting events, is back. The races are heating up at literally unbelievable speeds; the drivers are hot at each other’s heels again, and the thrill is just as fascinating as it’s ever been. Also, the season has been shortened, which means that all actions will now be packed into a smaller, more profound timeframe, giving us viewers even more reasons to not miss a second of the show.

Lewis Hamilton is as inspired as ever, coming out guns blazing since the restart. He’s won seventy-five percent of the grand prix to have held since, managing to finish the last time around with only three functional tires. No doubt some truly inspiring stuffs are happening in the F1 world, but sadly a lot of F1 enthusiasts are missing the races thanks to lack of access to a viewing platform, which is just painful considering how exhilarating they all have been.

And what’s even more painful is the fact that a lot more fans are probably going to miss even more races for this same reason, which absolutely should not be, given the number of options available. Knowledge is power, though, and some people suffer for lack of it. To ensure you never miss a moment of the subsequent Formula 1 actions, below is a comprehensive list of platforms where you can stream F1 races seamlessly and conveniently.

How to Live Stream F1 2020 from your Home Online everywhere

How to Watch Formula 1 in US

In the United States, and indeed in many places around the world, the best channels to get uninterrupted access to Formula 1 races are on ESPN and ESPN 2.
Not only do these two networks have the right to 18 out of the total 21 F1 races, they are also known to be available on numerous streaming platforms and as such offer the highest level of accessibility.

For those who are comfortable with sticking with ESPN and ESPN 2 only, however, both channels are available on the official ESPN app. You can easily download that application on any compatible device and register to begin your uninterrupted access.

The only drawback to this, though, is that it is possible to get a whole lot of other networks and TV shows for almost the same price on other streaming platforms.
This is why we have provided below other convenient platforms through which you can get access to both these channels and a host of other options.
Before we proceed, for those who don’t mind the limitation mentioned above, you can download the official ESPN app on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Fire tablet, Fire TV, and Roku.


All Formula 1 races are available for live streaming on the official F1TV website. This is the streaming service belonging to the original organizers of the event. Here, you will also get access to other divisions such as the F2, F3, and Porsche Super cup divisions.

You can also choose between two subscription tiers, each offering different packages. They are also both highly cost-effective with a few additional perks — one offers on-demand replays and highlights, while the other offers live streaming of all live track sessions.

F1TV also provides live viewing of all confirmed F1 races for the season with additional races being added once they are confirmed by the organising body.
Additionally, the website offers archive viewing of already-completed races both from recent times and classic nail-biters from decades past.
You also get access to fascinating Formula 1 streams, documentaries and shorts about legends of the game, with additional stories and inspirational tales.
F1TV is compatible with most devices with a decent internet connection, and comes at a highly affordable subscription rate.

Hulu With Live TV

Like some of the other platforms on our list, Hulu is a quite popular and well-established streaming platform with a myriad of movies, TV shows, and sporting events. It is particularly recommendable for to its reasonable pricing, availability of options, and compatibility.

You can connect to Hulu via a number of devices such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even regular web browsers on mobile and desktop.
With the availability of both ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2, you’re pretty much guaranteed to never miss any more Formula 1 races.

Sling TV

Available on devices ranging from LG, Samsung and Vizo TVs, down to iOS, Android, Amazon Fire tablets, Xbox One, Chromecast and more, Sling TV offers most of what you get on Hulu, with maybe a little less popularity, but at a much cheaper price.

Along with local channels such as NBC and Fox, you can catch all F1 races on Sling TV through ESPN and ESPN 2.
It is also worth noting that while Sling TV is considerably cheaper than a lot of options on the list, they do not offer a free trial in the first month. Instead, in place of a first-month free trial, Sling TV offers a discounted pricing.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV recently became a lot more extensive in its program and channel rosters, broadening its reach to include a host of wide-ranging shows and broadcasts, including Formula 1 races.
You can catch F1 Streams on YouTube TV through connection to your local ABC, ESPN, and ESPN 2.

There are also a host of other local channels to enjoy such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and a whole lot more.

YouTube TV is available on Android, IOS, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and smart TVs.


Lastly, it is also worth mentioning that while ESPN and ESPN 2 are the only ESPN channels on which you can catch actual live races, there is obviously more to getting a full Formula 1 streaming experience than just watching live races.

Studio shows are one of the other aspects of the full experience that help build anticipation and suspense before and after the races, and provide a deeper perspective and understanding for an even higher appreciation.

And this is where ESPN 3 comes in.

On ESPN 3 you get access to studio shows such as Welcome to the Weekend and Pit Lane Live, both of which are produced by Sky Sports but available on ESPN 3.
ESPN 3 is a streaming-only platform and is available on almost all entries on our list. It is available on the official ESPN app, along with YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling TV and Fubo TV.

F1 2020 Schedule & Results

Below is the full schedule for the remaining 2020 Formula 1 races across the world.

    • July 3-5: Austrian Grand Prix won by Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes)
    • July 10-12: Styrian Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • July 17-19: Hungarian Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • July 31-Aug 2: British Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • Aug 7-9: Formula One 70th Anniversary Grand Prix won by Max Verstappen (RedBull)
    • Aug 14-16: Spanish Grand Prix won by Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
    • Aug 28-30: Belgian Grand Prix, Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
    • Sept 4-6: Italian Grand Prix, Monza, Italy

    Please note that these are only the already-confirmed races. The final schedule will soon be finalised and will be updated accordingly as soon as this happens.


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